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McFadden Consulting is a network of highly experienced consultants dedicated to our clients’ success. Each consultant is a senior level professional with significant experience in his or her area of expertise. They combine a broad, historical understanding of the natural gas and electric utility industries with up-to-the-minute knowledge of current developments. This unique combination of skills and experience is designed to help our clients address their most important issues and concerns, and to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

McFadden Consulting understands that our success is dependent upon our client’s success. As such our services are intended to assist our clients in achieving their goals and objectives. Our approach is to identify the key ingredients for success for each assignment, and match these with the background and experience of our consultants. We then establish a collaborative effort with each client to the maximum extent possible. This approach allows us to address the issues facing our clients by combining our broad based industry-wide experience with in depth client-specific knowledge to reach creative and effective solutions. Our four main areas of practice, include:

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