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We have worked with private and public sector organizations covering all aspects of the electric utility and natural gas industries, including producers, pipelines, local distribution companies, independent power producers, electric utilities, rural electric associations, municipalities, law firms, federal and state regulatory commissions, consumer groups, governmental agencies, state consumer advocate offices, industry associations, commercial and industrial customers. Organizations with whom our consultants have worked include:

Arkansas Attorney General’s Office
Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Company
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Arkansas Western Gas Company
BC Gas Utility, Ltd.
Brant Energy, LLC
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
Citizens Utilities Company
City of Arvada, Colorado
City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
City of Fort Collins, Colorado
City of Fort Morgan, Colorado
City of Lakewood, Colorado
City of Walsenburg, Colorado
Clanahan, Tanner, Downing & Knowlton
Colorado Business Alliance
Colorado Interstate Gas Company
Colorado Legislative Council
Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel
Colorado Oil & Gas Association
Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.
Commerce City, Colorado
Competition Policy Institute
Conoco, Inc.
Coors Brewing Company
Cyprus Climax Metals Co.
Davis, Graham & Stubbs
Dominion East Ohio Gas Company
Dufford & Brown
Enron Trading and Capital
Full Power Corporation
Gates Rubber Company
Georgia Public Service Commission
Gorsuch, Kirgis, Campbell, Walker & Grover
Gowling, Strathy & Henderson
Havre Pipeline Company, LLC

Holland & Hart
HS Resources, Inc.
Industrial Users Group
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
Iowa Utilities Board
Kansas Gas Service Company
KN Energy, Inc.
Krug and Soebel
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
Northwest Arkansas Gas Consumers
Ocean Energy Resources, Inc.
Ontario Hydro Power Workers’ Union
Powers Phillips
Public Service Company of Colorado
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
RAO ESS Rossii
Renegade Oil & Gas
Russian Ministry of Fuels & Energy
Southern California Gas Company
Star Natural Gas Company
Thermo Ecoteck Corporation
Total Petroleum
Totem Gas Storage, LLC
Town of Walden, Colorado
U.S. Agency for International
U.S. Environment Protection Agency
UMC Petroleum, Inc.
Utah Committee of Consumer Services
UtiliCorp United
Welborn, Sullivan, Meck, & Tooley
Western Natural Gas & Transmission



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