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Michael J. McFadden is a management, rate, regulatory affairs, finance, operations, supply planning and procurement expert with more than 32 years experience in the natural gas and electric utilities industries. He has appeared as an expert witness and provided testimony in numerous hearings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), regulatory Commissions in Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, Wyoming, Utah, and British Columbia, and U. S. District Court. Mr. McFadden headed a combination natural gas, electric, and steam heat utility company’s rate regulatory services department where he was responsible for various submittals to regulatory agencies that had jurisdiction over the company’s rates, facilities and services. In addition, he previously served as chief financial officer for a natural gas gathering, processing, and transmission company where he was responsible for rate and regulatory affairs, financial and managerial accounting, financial policy and planning, business opportunity and financial analysis, strategic planning, and information and computer administration. 

He has participated in numerous rate cases and regulatory proceedings and has dealt with such issues as utilization of purchased power, economic dispatching of generating stations, coal inventory measurement and management, generating station performance measures, incentive cost recovery mechanisms for a nuclear generating plant, generating plant maintenance schedules and management, unit coal train economics and management, and the development and administration of electric cost adjustment mechanisms. On the gas side of the business, he has been involved in Order 636 restructuring strategies, buyouts of existing gas supply contracts, development of gas transportation tariffs, practices and procedures, development and implementation of gas purchasing strategies, development of avoided costs, mains extensions policies and producer take or pay issues. 

Prior to founding McFadden Consulting Group, Inc., Mr. McFadden was a principal with the international energy consulting firm of Hagler Bailly Consulting, Inc.  He has a BS in business administration from Regis University and an MBA from the University of Denver, and is a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, where he has also served as finance and accounting area chair.

A. E. "Pete" Middents has 40 years of broad experience in all segments of the natural gas industry. In 1993 he exercised an early retirement option from Public Service Company of Colorado. As Senior Vice President of Gas Operations for Public Service Company (a combination gas and electric utility serving the majority of the state of Colorado), Mr. Middents had full executive responsibility for the Company's natural gas operations. He was also President and a Director of Western Gas Supply Company (WestGas, a gas gathering, processing, and transmission subsidiary company), President and a Director of Fuel Resources Development Company (Fuelco, a gas and oil exploration and production subsidiary company), Chairman and a Director of Natural Fuels Corporation (a full service natural gas vehicle subsidiary company), and Vice President and a Director of Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company (a combination gas and electric utility serving a portion of Wyoming). Mr. Middents also served as chairman and director of the following companies: WestGas Interstate Gas Company, WestGas Gathering, Inc. and WestGas TransColorado, Inc.

Mr. Middents joined the Public Service Company in 1960 as a gas engineer. He held numerous management positions with WestGas and Public Service Company prior to his election as Vice President in 1986. He was promoted to Senior Vice President in 1988.  Since retiring from Public Service Company, Mr. Middents has worked as an independent Natural Gas Industry consultant. His consulting assignments have primarily been in the areas of restructuring and privatization, new business development, gas supply planning and procurement, economic feasibility and evaluation, overall planning and engineering design (pipeline processing and distribution), and natural gas marketing.  Mr. Middents has a BS degree in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.

Patrick W. McCarter has more than 35 years experience in the electric utility industry.  He was the senior vice president and highest-ranking officer in the electric operations for Public Service Company of Colorado, a large electric and natural gas utility.  Mr. McCarter was responsible for all electric operations, including fuel procurement, purchased power, operation and maintenance of 3200 MW of thermal and hydro generation, operation and maintenance of electric transmission and substations, system dispatch, short- and long-term facility planning, engineering and construction support of all electric facilities, and decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.  He was responsible for an annual capital and operating budget of $855 million, and managed a work force of 1,672 management, technical, and skilled professionals. Previously, he was Vice President, Electric Production, where he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of 3000 MW of generation, including base-load coal plants, peaking gas turbines, and run-of-river hydro. His responsibilities included fuel procurement for all thermal plants and water management for the hydro and thermal plants.  Mr. McCarter has BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Randall E. Vickroy is a utility business and corporate finance expert with more than 20 years experience in the utility industry.  Mr. Vickroy has been involved in focused management audits for a number of gas companies and is an expert in the area of affiliated transactions.  He has been a catalyst and facilitator in the evolution of utility business practices from monopoly status to that of market competitors.  He developed and implemented corporate capital analysis and budgeting systems at Public Service Company of Colorado in the early 1980’s, which provided a correct business prioritization for limited capital dollars.  He incorporated and managed the development of two financial subsidiaries and a special-purpose leasing corporation at Public Service Company of Colorado, which refinance over $500 million of assets with an annual cost savings of over $15 million annually.  He was also the key advisor to the Public Service Company of Colorado Chief Financial Officer for strategic issues such as mergers and acquisitions, non-regulated co-generation and independent power production, and customer financing packages for energy-related investments.

Mr. Vickroy has supplemented his extensive gas and electric business experience with more than eight years as a senior management consultant with Deloitte Consulting and The Liberty Consulting Group.  His consulting experience has focused on strategic and executive-level financial policy and operations in all three of the aforementioned utility businesses as each confronts deregulation.  He has performed numerous management audits of the financial, planning, rate and accounting functions of utilities for a variety of clients in 11 different jurisdictions.  He has also advised electric and gas companies regarding strategic business strategies, financing, capital expenditures policies and cost management.  Mr. Vickroy brings a business and financial focus to companies in the utilities field who are currently discovering the importance of strategic cost management to competing effectively.  He obtained his BS degree in business administration from Monmouth College and his MBA degree in finance from the University of Denver.

Kerry S. Ramsey has more than 28 years experience in the gas supply planning and procurement, natural gas and liquids marketing, business development, pipeline engineering, wellhead, gathering, and plant operations, and utility management.  Mr. Ramsey is president of AMGAS Company, which purchases and sells natural gas, propane, butane, and other natural gas derivative products.  AMGAS also provides management consulting to utility companies, marketing companies, industrial and commercial customers.  Previously, he was president of VESGAS Company where he was responsible for establishing new gas markets and securing gas supplies, and for securing interests in intrastate pipeline facilities.  Mr. Ramsey was extensively involved in the development of rules pertaining to open access gas transportation in the restructuring of the pipeline industry at both the national and state level.
Robert S. Scrivner has 24 years experience in the utility industry and is an expert in the area of cost of service, rate design, and specialized studies.  His clients have included municipal utilities, regulatory commissions, governmental agencies, rural electric cooperatives, and industrial and commercial clients.  Mr. Scrivner has testified before regulatory commissions in Colorado and Wyoming.  He also has experience in customer billing, electrical system analysis, automated mapping, and facilities management.  Previously, Mr. Scrivner worked in the rates organization of a large investor-owned natural gas, electric and steam utility where he was responsible for various filings with state and federal regulatory agencies.  He holds a BS degree in finance from Colorado State University.

John H. Moore is a rate and regulatory expert with 34 years experience in the utility regulatory field involving gas, electric, and steam utility service.  More than 24 years of that experience has been in management positions.  Mr. Moore has presented expert testimony on numerous occasions before state and federal regulatory agencies on the subjects of regulatory policy, cost allocation, rate design, tariff terms and conditions and other regulatory matters. Mr. Moore was director of electric rates and technical services, responsible for Public Service Company of Colorado, the largest investor-owned utility in Colorado.  In this position he was responsible for all rates and tariffs for filed with the Colorado Commission, wholesale electric rates filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Cheyenne Light Fuel and Power Company’s rates filed with the Wyoming Commission.  In these positions, Mr. Moore assisted in the preparation of more than forty rate proceedings and was involved with such issues as fuel cost adjustments, purchases from qualifying facilities, demand side management cost recovery, allocation of costs between various customer classes, rate design, and incentive cost recovery mechanisms.  He was also responsible for the company’s load research program in which the company conducted primary research on various customer rate classes’ usage and load characteristics.  Mr. Moore has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and a BS degree in Industrial Construction Management from Colorado State University.
John N. Peters has 38 years experience in the natural gas utility industry.  He has extensive experience in the engineering, design, construction, and operation of gathering, transmission, and distribution systems, including compressor stations and processing plants.  Mr. Peters was division manager of gas operations for a natural gas gathering and transmission company, responsible for 180 employees and an annual O&M budget of $15 million and capital budgets up to $50 million.  In addition, Mr. Peters developed a Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) program and took it through a very critical and successful research, testing, development, and implementation phase, resulting in the conversion of more than 600 fleet vehicles to natural gas and the genesis of a fueling station infrastructure throughout Colorado.  In recent years, Mr. Peters has been working as a consultant to the natural gas industry and has been involved in various projects in Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, Maryland, and Wyoming.  Mr. Peters has a BS degree from the University of Colorado in mechanical engineering.  He is a former member of the American Gas Association and the Rocky Mountain Gas Association.
Charles H. Becker 35 years experience in the natural gas industry. He has extensive experience in the engineering, design, construction, and operation of distribution, transmission, storage, compression, processing, and gathering systems. Mr. Becker the manager of distribution and transmission engineering for a large natural gas distribution company. Prior to leaving this position and joining the McFadden Consulting Group, Mr. Becker had planning responsibilities and overall responsibility for a gas system that served customers over a multi-state service territory. His responsibility also included compliance with Department of Transportation and Office of Pipeline Safety regulations as well as state regulations regarding safe construction and operation of the gas system. Before that he was the manager of the transmission engineering and construction division of a natural gas gathering and transmission company. He is a former member of the American Gas Association, Distribution Engineering Committee and was on the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Gas Association. Mr. Becker has BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Brenda E. Frauenhoff has 15 years experience in the natural gas and electric utility industries in accounting, auditing, economic and financial analysis, and operations.  Ms. Frauenhoff is a CPA and has extensive experience in the electric utility and natural gas industries. She was an audit manager for Ernst & Young, a Big Six accounting firm, and was responsible for two of the Denver office’s largest clients, including Public Service Company of Colorado, the largest electric and gas utility in the State of Colorado.  Previously, she was responsible for accounting and financial reporting for Gary Williams, a gas processing company that owned and operated several gas processing plants.  In addition, Ms. Frauenhoff managed the accounting, financial reporting, billing and measurement functions of an integrated natural gas transmission, gathering, and processing company and its subsidiaries.  In this position, she helped develop an accounting system that segregated the company’s regulated and non-regulated activities. She was also responsible for providing technical accounting expertise to the entire organization, and administering internal controls.  Previously, Ms. Frauenhoff has a BS degree in accounting from the University of Northern Colorado and is a certified public accountant.


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