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McFadden Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide customized financial and economic analysis in the energy field. Our unique combination of financial and business expertise, coupled with our extensive energy industry knowledge, gives us the ability to address complex, technical issues facing your organization. We know that decisions affecting one functional area can have significant impacts on other functional areas and must be factored into the decision-making process. We can develop customized models utilizing sensitivity and probability analysis to help improve your decision-making process. 

McFadden Consulting can provide:

  • customized financial and economic analysis
  • develop customized models utilizing sensitivity and probability analysis
  • asset valuation
  • litigation support
  • assistance in conducting due diligence reviews
  • capital budgeting
  • forecasting

In many of our Financial and Economic Analysis assignments, we utilize DECISIONmaker, a proprietary strategic decision model developed by McFadden Consulting. The model combines a cash flow analysis, with sensitivity and probability analysis to provide a powerful quantitative strategic decision making tool.

Essentially, DECISIONmaker incorporate and quantify the impact of various uncertainties or "what-ifs" into a strategic decision. What if revenues are higher, or lower? What if costs are higher, or lower? What if there are fewer or more customers? How would it affect the decision? DECISIONmaker allows us to look at the variables and determine the impact they could have on the outcome. For a more detailed explanation of DECISIONmaker click here.

Representative Projects

We have included descriptions of a selection of projects that demonstrate our capabilities in the area of Financial and Economic Analysis.  You can view them by clicking on Projects.

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