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    Alabama Attorney General's Office
    Arizona Residential Utility Consumer Office  
    Arkansas Attorney General's Office 
    British Columbia Public Interest Advocacy Center
    California Office of Ratepayer Advocates
    California Utility Consumers' Action Network
    Colorado Office of Consumer Counsel 
    Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel
    Delaware Division of the Public Advocate 
    District of Columbia Office of the People's Counsel
    Georgia Consumersí Utility Counsel Division 
    Hawaii Division of Consumer Advocacy
    Illinois Citizens Utility Board
    Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
    Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate
    Kentucky Office of Rate Intervention
    Maine Public Advocate
    Manitoba Public Interest Law Centre
    Maryland Office of People's Counsel
    Massachusetts Office of Attorney General, Utilities Division
    Michigan Office of Attorney General
    Minnesota Residential and Small Business Utilities Division
    Mississippi Public Advocacy Division 
    Missouri Office of the Public Counsel
    National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
    Nevada Bureau of Consumer Protection 
    New Hampshire Office of the Consumer Advocate 
    New Jersey Division of Ratepayer Advocate
    New Mexico Consumer Protection Division 
    New York State Consumer Protection Board
    New York Citizens Advisory panel
    North Carolina Attorney General Utilities Section
    Ohio Consumers' Counsel
    Oklahoma Attorney General Public Utility Unit
    Oregon Citizens Utility Board
    Ottawa Public Interest Advocacy Centre
    Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
    South Carolina Division of Consumer Advocacy
    Tennessee Attorney General Consumer Advocate Division
    Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel 
    Utah Committee of Consumer Services  
    Vermont Division of Public Advocacy
    Virginia Attorney General Insurance & Utilities Regulatory Section
    Washington Attorney Generalís Office Public Counsel Section
    West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division




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