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    Algonquin Gas Transmission Company
    Algonquin LNG, Inc.
    ANR Pipeline Company
    ANR Storage Company

    Black Marlin Pipeline Company
    Blue Lake Gas Storage Company

    Canyon Creek Compression Company
    Caprock Pipeline Company
    Carnegie Interstate Pipeline Company
    Chandeleur Pipe Line Company
    Colorado Interstate Gas Company
    Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
    Columbia Gulf Transmission Company
    Cove Point Unlimited Partnership
    CrossroadsPipeline Company

    Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C.
    DiscoveryGas Transmission LLC
    Dominion Transmission Inc.
    Dynegy Midstream Pipeline, Inc.

    East Tennessee Natural Gas Company
    Egan Hub Partners, L.P.
    El Paso Natural Gas Company
    Equitrans, Inc.

    Florida Gas Transmission Company

    Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC
    GasTransport, Inc.
    Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc.
    Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnership
    Gulf South Pipeline
    Gulf States Transmission Corporation

    High Island Offshore System

    Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P.

    Kansas Pipeline Company
    Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company
    Kern River Gas Transmission Company
    KN Interstate Gas Transmission Co.
    KN Wattenberg Transmission

    Michigan Gas Storage Company
    Midwestern Gas Transmission Company
    MIGC, Inc.
    Mississippi Canyon Gas Pipeline, LLC
    Mississippi River Transmission Corporation
    Mojave Pipeline Company

    National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation
    Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America
    NautilusPipeline Company, LLC
    NoraTransmission Company
    Northern Border Pipeline Company
    Northern Natural Gas Company
    Northwest Pipeline Corporation

    OkTex Pipeline Company
    OverthrustPipeline Company
    Ozark Gas Transmission System

    Paiute Pipeline Company
    PanhandleEastern Pipe Line Company
    Petal Gas Storage Company
    PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest Corporation

    Questar Pipeline Company

    Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company

    Sabine Pipe Line Company
    Sea Robin Pipeline Company
    South Georgia Natural Gas Company
    Southern Natural Gas Company
    Southwest Gas Storage Company
    Steuben Gas Storage Company
    Stingray Pipeline Company

    TCP Gathering Co.
    Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
    Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation
    Texas Gas Transmission Corporation
    Trailblazer Pipeline Company
    TransColorado Gas Transmission Company
    Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation
    Transwestern Pipeline Company
    Trunkline Gas Company
    Trunkline LNG Company
    Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company

    U-T Offshore System

    Venice Gathering System, L.L.C.
    Viking Gas Transmission Company

    Williams Gas Pipelines Central, Inc.
    Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company
    WyomingInterstate Company, Ltd.

    Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.

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