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Ratemaking in a regulated environment requires specialized economic, financial, and management expertise. McFadden Consulting has that expertise and has applied it to a wide range of situations across the country, and internationally. Because our regulatory experience extends to both electric utilities and the natural gas industry, our rate and regulatory analyses are conducted with a full understanding of their interactions with competing fuels, as well as state and federal regulations. In addition, our experience in dealing with changes in the natural gas industry, coupled with our electric utility experience, gives us a unique perspective for dealing with potential changes resulting from the restructuring of the electric power industry. Furthermore, because we have worked in various state jurisdictions, we are able to draw on a wealth of different organizationsí experience in proposing solutions to complex rate and regulatory issues. We support all our rate and regulatory services with preparation and presentation of expert testimony and other hearing-related services as required for specific assignments.

McFadden Consulting can assist in all aspects of rate and regulatory support services, including:

  • revenue requirements, cost of service allocation, and rate design analyses
  • pricing of de-regulated, unbundled services
  • litigation support services
  • assessment and design of fuel procurement clauses and utility incentive programs
  • analysis, evaluation, and development of utility extension feasibility practices
  • analysis of new and changing regulations at both the state and federal level
  • analysis of regulatory trends from one state to another
  • development of strategies in response to changes in regulations.

Representative Projects

We have included descriptions of a selection of projects that demonstrate our capabilities in the area of Rate and Regulatory Analysis.  You can view them by clicking on Projects.

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