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Supply planning and procurement have become increasingly complex as natural gas and electric utilities restructure for a competitive environment. The wide range of supply alternatives, transportation options, and contract terms necessary to develop a competitively priced fuel supply portfolio requires a thorough understanding of the marketplace. McFadden Consulting provides the technical skills and resources necessary to assist organizations in gas and electric supply planning, evaluation, procurement, and implementation. Our personnel have hands-on experience in negotiating and evaluating fuel and transportation contracts. We have the ability to develop supply, price, and macro-level trends and use that information to implement supply portfolios for the present and the future.

Among the services offered by McFadden Consulting in the gas supply planning and procurement area are:

  • implementing price stabilization mechanisms
  • identifying and evaluating alternative supply and transportation options
  • developing and evaluating procurement strategies and implementation plans
  • developing and evaluating contract and pricing strategies
  • assisting producers and purchasers in developing or modifying supply and pricing models
  • providing technical assistance to firms involved in regulatory proceedings or litigation in which supply procurement is an issue.

Representative Projects

We have included descriptions of a selection of projects that demonstrate our capabilities in the area of Supply Planning and Procurement.  You can view them by clicking on Projects.

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